And The Winner Is... | Congratulations Donald J. Trump

I awoke early this morning to the news that Donald J. Trump had won the 2016 US presidential race. Long time listeners of the podcast will know that I'm not a fan of Mr. Trump, his actions during the race, or the party that he represents. That said, I wish to extend my congratulations to him and his family on their victory because whether I agree with it or not, he's what America wanted.

Personally, I have very little fat in the fire here. I'm Canadian and as such, Trump's win doesn't affect my life directly. However, I do have many friends that live in the United States and many of them are minorities Trump has rallied against to get elected. For those reasons, I feel very ambivalent about the election's outcome. I don't want to see my friends become second tier citizens in their own nation but I also want to respect a nation's decision regardless of my own political leanings. 

I suppose that all we can do now is wait and see. But, for now, we can take solace in the fact that the next man destined for the White House isn't only a wrestling fan, but a member of the WWE Hall of Fame. Damn! 2016 has been a wild ride.