(BREAKING) Roman Reigns Suspended | My Reaction, Opinion, & Predictions (Editorial)

Written By: Traves Bezenar

I promise that we do actually cover pop culture news that isn’t wrestling related but this is such big news that it has to be discussed. WWE superstar Roman Reigns, whose real name is Joe Anoaʻi, has been suspended for 30 days following his first wellness policy violation. WWE’s own announcement was very vague on the details surrounding the suspension leading many to speculate what exactly Roman took that caused the suspension. Roman was quick on damage control posting  an apology immediately after the news broke via Twitter.

When the news broke about Roman’s suspension I was busy working on the script for the next episode of MNDT Live and would have been oblivious to it if my lovely wife hadn’t told me what happened. My initial reaction was one of shock. I never expected Roman, a man being booked as the next Cena, to do something as stupid as violating the wellness policy. Something like this, while not impossible, is hard to bounce back from, especially when your main audience is young children and their mothers.

Now let me be clear here, I have no inside WWE knowledge nor am I a medical professional, so anything I say from here on out about Roman’s suspension is purely my opinion and wild speculation. That said, when it comes to what substance got Roman suspended the obvious choice would be steroids. Being a WWE superstar comes with a grueling schedule that doesn't leave one with a lot of time to hit the gym and keep up their physique. That along with the pressure to look big and strong, which VKM is said to love, it’s easy to see why so many superstars (past and present) have turned to steroids at one point or another. However, if it’s not steroids the next big culprit of wellness policy violations has always been prescription pain killers and that’s a can of worms that I really hope Roman hasn't opened. Regardless of whatever caused Roman to fail his recent wellness test I hope he gets the help he needs and comes back better, stronger, and healthier than ever.

There is some light at the tunnel in all this terrible news. Roman will have a month off to heal and nagging injuries that may be bothering him, he’ll get to spend some much needed time with his family, and his 30 day suspension will be over before his scheduled PPV match against Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins at WWE Battleground. Now I don't know if Roman’s current issue had anything to do with the results at Sunday’s PPV but I doubt it. If that were the case it’s unlikely they would have had him on TV Monday night to set up for a PPV event that was barely a month away. Then again I wouldn't put anything past WWE. It’s not clear what WWE will do about the main event at Battleground but since Roman should be back by then I predict that they’ll keep the match as is. However, keeping Romans’s policy violation in mind, it’s almost unthinkable that WWE would put the title back on him anytime soon.