Adulting | It Isn’t So Bad After All (Guest Editorial)

Written By: Jasmine Harris

Adulting isn’t so bad after all…

Growing up we were told not to rush our youth. Of course we dismissed those warnings, because at 12 ½ we knew it all. Fast forward to adulthood and there is a sea of regret for not wallowing in our short childhood. We’re now the grownups lecturing today’s tweens, feeling envious that we rolled our eyes at our grandparent’s advice. So the cycle will continue right, wrong!

Listen, I know bills suck. There’s so many of them that sometimes breathing feels taxed. Oh, but you get to do that fun thing called work to help pay for all 37 of those bills, hooray. Unless of course, you are part of the 10% of people whom love their job (Insert cheesy face smiley here). So sarcasm aside, yes adulting CAN suck. It can feel unbearable, unexplainable, and downright tragic. But, didn’t childhood feel the same? Were your teenage years so perfect that you didn’t wish to not be one? As adults we teach kids to bask in the glory of being responsibility (and debt) free, but why don’t we take our own advice? I think the true issue is that complaining doesn’t stop in youth.

 We carry on that same naggy trait and instead of seeing how awesome being grown is, we only have eyes for everything terribly annoying. Newsflash people, adulting is the shit! It’s phenomenal. It’s crazy fun. At 12 years old I couldn’t leave my house at 10pm to catch a movie, have midnight dinner at IHOP and make it in the house with just enough time to sleep for a job that PAYS. It has a way bigger salary than the free chores I slaved away at many moons ago.

Listen, youth has an abundance of perks and good things, for those who are IN that phase. This is not an old vs young debate, this isn’t a ploy to make kids want to be adults more anxiously, this is solely about making my peers see that our current phase is indeed grand. I may have a bill for my cellphone every month but dammit my calls aren’t being monitored.  Sure I have to buy the dog food now but adults love doing things for their best friends because we understand the reciprocation of love. Even if that means bailing our other bestie out of jail because they took adulting a little too far. Also, how about the fact that we can choose our vacations and can leave the family at home if we please? Coffee, you can drink it until your heart is content. Beer and wine? Keep them coming! Am I winning you over yet?

Yes our metabolism is slower, but who’s going to stop us from that second (or third) slice of cake? Not our parents! I wish I would’ve relished in being a kid a little more wide eyed but I won’t let that ruin my views on being a
mostly mature adult. I love it. Even the immature times. I’ll still whine about things and reminisce when I see something nostalgic, but in the midst of craziness I’ll learn to be more grateful. I also hope I am this energetically positive about the next phases of life, being middle aged and, fingers crossed, elderly. YIKES!

Jasmine Harris is a young woman from Chicago, IL that dabbles in the world of creative writing and graphic design while not working as a nurse. Her work was brought to the attention of MNDT by host Adonis Jones, a long time friend. We hope that you, our loyal readers, enjoy her writing style and that Ms. Harris becomes a regular contributor to the site. We'll update with twitter and website information for Ms. Harris as it becomes available.

~Traves Bezenar (MNDT Editor & Host)