'Batman: The Killing Joke' - The Talk | Movie Clip

Batman is heading to Arkham Asylum on a rainy day. He passes by Commissioner Gordon, who follows him to his destination - The Joker's cell. Inside the cell, The Joker is waiting for Batman, sitting at a table with a deck of playing cards spread out. As the card game starts, the narration of the story provides the first line of the story's underlying theme: "There were these two guys in a lunatic asylum..."

Batman informs Joker (who stays silent the entire time) that he had come to talk; he believes that eventually, the two of them will kill each other in one of their battles. He continues on to say that he is doing this so that he'll know he made a genuine attempt to avert this outcome, and becomes impatient at Joker's silence. Furiously, he grabs the Ace of Knaves, only to find white makeup on his gloves; the "Joker" facing him is a fake.

The above information is from the video description.