'Blood Father' | Official Trailer

I'm not a fan of Mel Gibson as a person or an actor. I find the majority of his roles in 80's action movies interchangeable and his political and racial views  are enough to turn anyone off. That said, I am looking forward to this. The action looks realistic, the story looks interesting, and the cast (which includes William H. Macy) is guaranteed to be stellar.  

BLOOD FATHER stars Mel Gibson as John Link, an ex-convict who fights to protect his estranged daughter from the drug cartel that is hunting her down. In this thrilling action film, John must use his connections from his past life and his skills as an ex-criminal to keep him and his daughter alive. BLOOD FATHER also stars Erin Moriarty, Diego Luna, Michael Parks, and William H. Macy. BLOOD FATHER will be released by Lionsgate Premiere in theaters August 12, 2016. 

The above information is from the video description