'WWE Exteme Rules' | Blessed Be Crossfit Jesus (Review)


Written By: Traves Bezenar

WWE Extreme Rules Pre-Show

No Disqualification Match
Dolph Ziggler vs (W)Baron Corbin

The pre-show only had one match this evening and all things considered I enjoyed it. I’m not the biggest fan of Dolph Ziggler or Baron Corbin but the two worked well together here. While the match wasn’t up to Dolph’s usually high octane pace, something I blame on Corbin’s inexperience, it still manages to deliver. Dolph was the perfect opponent to sell the impact of Corbin’s impactful handful of moves and made the young star look like a million bucks. Corbin was no slouch though despite how it may seem from my writing. He did some great heel work while interacting with the referee and crowd like he usually does,

Grade 3/5

WWE Extreme Rules 2016

Tornado Tag Match
The Usos vs (W)The Club

First thing’s first I have to applaud WWE’s ability to always pick the perfect opening match. The company might not always get a good rep for how they book things but for the most part they always put a great match at the start of the show. This match was no exception. It was fast paced, fun, and told an amazing story. A lot of IWC fans have a hate boner for The Usos but I’m a fan. They’re WWE’s answer to The Young Bucks and  consistently put on good matches. Pairing them with Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows was a recipe for success that turned out like a well cooked steak. The match told a clear story that came into play in the main event, the action was non stop and intense, and it all culminated in an excellent ending.

Grade 4/5

United State Championship Match
(W)Rusev vs Kalisto(C)

This match was surprisingly good. Rusev has been struggling to find his place on the roster since losing to John Cena last year and then blowing a planned storyline by announcing his real life engagement to Lana. It this title bout we saw Rusev return to his ways of old and it was amazing. He spent most of the match manhandling the smaller Kallisto and finally did him in with a devastating looking ‘Accolade’. Hopefully history stops repeating itself here and Rusev doesn't drop the title to Cena when he returns on Memorial Day.

Grade 3/5

WWE Tag Team Championship Match
(W)The New Day(C) vs The Vaudevillians

New Day is arguably WWE’s most popular team right now and while I’m not as high on them as most I can’t say that this match was bad. The beginning was what I have come to expect from New Day, a solid promo that gets the crowd’s attention. The match itself was just serviceable in my opinion. New Day did their usual stuff but The Vaudevillians just don’t seem like an actual threat to them. I loved the end of that match though and think keeping New Day a little bit heel is the right choice.

Grade 2.5/5

Intercontinental Championship Fatal-4-Way Match
Kevin Owens vs Cesaro vs Sami Zayn vs (W)The Miz(C)

To put it simply this match was perfect. Everything just worked. The Miz is the best heel WWE has in my honest opinion, people hate him, and they hate him for the right reasons. Kevin Owens on the other hand is too loved by the “smart fans” to be an effective heel. Not to take away from KO’s stellar heel work but too many people cheer for him. The match had a ton of great high impact spots including a ‘Tower of Doom’ and German/Exploder Suplex combination. The story and passing of the match we’re also clear, concise, and effective. Easily match of the night and a real contender for match of the year.

Grade 5/5

Asylum Match
Chris Jericho vs (W)Dean Ambrose

Poor Dean Ambrose. I don’t know what it is about the “Lunatic Fringe’ but he seems to be floundering. The fans seem to like him well enough and he can clearly wrestler but when it comes time to really shine he just dimly glows. This should have been Dean’s Magnum Opus but ultimately was just okay. The match started off slowly, so so slowly. Things eventually got better building to an amazing hardcore ending but it wasn't enough to save this doomed match.

Grade 2/5

WWE Women’s Championship Submission  Match
Natalya vs (W)Charlotte(C)

From a bad match to a worse match. I can’t tell you how much I want the WWE Women’s division to flourish. There are tons of talented females on the roster and in the indies that deserve the same recognition as their male counterparts. Hell, Natty and Charlotte are two of them. Sadly this match just wasn’t good. Natty and Charlotte seemed to have poor chemistry compared to their stellar NXT matches and the ending was out of left field and not at all satisfying. I hope they do better in the future, they deserve it. Oh one more thing, send Dana Brooke back to NXT, they need her and she isn’t ready fro the main roster.

Grade 1/5

WWE World Heavy Championship Extreme Rules Match
AJ Styles vs (W)Roman Reigns(C)

Things picked up quickly and ultimately the show closed on a good note. AJ Style is one of the best wrestlers anywhere in the world and he made Roman Reigns look like a god tonight. Reigns owes a lot to AJ and I hope he thanked him when the cameras went off. The match was chock full of hardcore spots, broken tables, interference, and false finishes. The story was an A+ and led to a satisfying heel turn for AJ Styles. Sure Roman won, sure lots of people didn't want him to, and sure the ending was predictable, but god damn it was fun getting there. Then once the dust was settled and the smarks were busy crying that Reigns buried AJ Styles, Seth Rollins made his return and attacked Roman from behind. I hope this means we’ll get a Roman/Seth program and an eventual Shield ‘Triple Threat’ for the title.

Grade 4.5/5

WWE Extreme Rules
Final Thoughts

I loved this PPV. Sure the low spots were really low but the highs were even higher. The opener was great, the title matches were great, and the main event was great. What more could a fan really ask for. It may not be the best PPV WWE has ever done but it’s the best of the years so far.

Grade 4/5