“Camp WWE” | Camp’s Off To A Rocky Start But There’s Still Hope


Written By: Ryan Hollen

“Camp WWE” is a new adult-animated comedy that debuted on-demand Sunday night on the WWE Network. The show, from creator Seth Green (“Robot Chicken”), is a re-imagining of WWE Superstars as children spending their time at Camp WWE.  The comedy is vulgar, over-the-top, and as ludicrous as one would expect from similar shows such as “South Park” and canceled Comedy Central show “Brickleberry”.

The first episode of the series focuses on a young John Cena dealing with homesickness and Mr. McMahon (head of the camp) wanting to cheer up the youngster before the “illness” spreads to the other campers and thus putting Camp WWE in danger of closing. McMahon enlists camp counselors Ric Flair and Sgt. Slaughter to help deal with the problem.

Like most adult-animated series, the show really depends on the viewer’s level and sense of humor. “Camp WWE” doesn’t hold back any punches and really goes for it. One scene in-particular which involves Ric Flair and a Bear may not land for everyone. Long time WWE fans may also be put off by some of the voice choices for the campers. A young Stone Cold Steve Austin is depicted as a straight up “redneck” which isn’t entirely true to his character.

The animation is fine and the characterizing of most of the WWE stars are handled quite well (Sans Big Show who looks like a giant naked bear). The first episode’s story left me intrigued on where the show can go and that is all one can ask from a pilot. If “Camp WWE” has a similar road as fellow WWE Network original show “The Edge and Christian Show That Totally Reeks of Awesomeness” then the show will only get better with time. The latter has become one of the highlights of the WWE Network and “Camp WWE” has potential to follow suit.

Summary - While the laughs were certainty there, “Camp WWE” has a lot of room for improvement but is worth the watch for hardcore WWE fans.

Grade 2/5