‘Justice League vs Teen Titans’ | vs High Expectations (Review)


Written By: Traves Bezenar

The most recent film in DC Comic’s animated lineup, ‘Justice League vs Teen Titans’ premiered at Wondercon earlier this year before being released on DVD and digital downloads. Previously DC rebooted its animated universe after the ‘Flashpoint Paradox’ film creating a darker, grittier universe more inline with their cinematic universe. SO far the movies have been quite good. ‘Justice League: War’ which is available to stream on Netflix, is one of the best animated hero movies I’ve seen in years. Sadly this follow up film didn’t live up to those standards.

From a purely technical standpoint the movie is fine. The animation team did a great job translating the ‘Teen Titans’ into the style of the previous animated films. Albeit there were a few shots where Robin (Damian Wayne) looked a little wonky and the female character’s breast seem to start in the middle of their chest’s which was an odd choice. But outside of those two minor flaws there isn’t much to gripe about in terms of animation. The music choices and voice casting were also surprisingly good with a mix of alt-rock and hard driving instrumentals for the action scenes.

Where ‘Justice League vs Teen Titans’ fails is in the story department. Basically the film is retelling the origins story of Raven from the “Teen Titans” cartoon that aired a few years ago. Without spoiling too much, the plot follows Raven as she battles against her father Trigon. Now, the problem isn’t the plot itself but how that plot is delivered.The best way I can put it is to say this movie reeks of “trying too hard to be funny”. Any scene that involves humor feels really forced both in the writing department and its delivery. Plus the awkward sexual tension that’s shown between Nightwing and Starfire comes of as cringeworthy and awkward instead of funny which is what they were clearly aiming for.

If you’re a fan of DC’s animated movies like I am than I would recommend taking this on in regardless of its low rating. Even if it fails on the most important levels, it’s still at the very least entertaining at points. How ever if you're a cinema connoisseur looking for a good plot and vivid, realistic storytelling, you can go ahead and skip this one.

Grade: 2/5