‘WWE Swerved’ Season 2 | A Unique Take On A Bland Concept (Review)

By: Traves Bezenar

Season 2 of WWE’s original prank show ‘Swerved’ was uploaded to the WWE Network this week. Unlike WWE’s other original programming all the episodes of the show’s second season were put up at the same time for fans to binge Netflix style. That alone is an improvement over last season which was released one episode at a time on the streaming service like it would be on a traditional Television channel. If anything, the change in delivery shows us that WWE is learning and adapting to the changing world of media and that’s undoubtedly a good thing.

One might expect for ‘WWE Swerved’ to be a carbon copy of shows like ‘Jackass’ and ‘CKY’ since some of those show runners are in charge of WWE’s own offering but nothing could be further from the truth. Admittedly there are bound to be some similarities (not a lot of wiggle room when it comes to format on hidden camera shows) but they’re not as glaring as the differences. The jokes, pranks, and gags on ‘Swerved’ are a lot more lighthearted than the ones ‘Jackass’ fans are used to. There are no nut shots, setting people on fire, or gross out pranks to be seen. The comedy is also a lot less physical than you might expect from a bunch of performers that spend their days slamming each other around a wrestling ring. There are a few gags that get physical but nothing you couldn't watch with your children or elderly parents.

Another huge difference between ‘Swerved’ and other pranks shows is the aurora (for lack of a better term) of the show. A lot of pranks shows like the previously mentioned ‘Jackass’ are adult themed and not really suitable for a young audience. ‘Swerved’ on the other hand is the exact opposite. It sounds strange to say this about a prank show but ‘WWE Swerved’ is kind of heartwarming and endearing. All the WWE Superstars seem like they’re having a great time prank each other and the public and the nature of the pranks don;t leave the victims feeling hurt or betrayed. Plus there are several pranks that will make you laugh and then straight up melt your icy heart.

‘WWE Swerved’ is unlike any prank show I’ve ever seen. It captures the lighthearted fun of ‘Just for Laughs Gags’, the physical comedy of ‘Jackass’, and the comedic timing of ‘Punk’d’ in an awesome amalgamation that is far greater than the sum of it’s parts. ‘Swerved’ is a one of a kind family prank show and I would recommend it to anyone regardless of how much they like professional wrestling and the WWE.

Grade 4/5