'Batman V Superman: Ultimate Edition' | The Absolute Final Review (I Promise)

Written By: Ryan Hollen

To say that my first go around with “BVS” was nothing short of disappointment and calamity would be an understatement. It may have been one of the worst movie going experiences of my life. It was 2 and a half hours of pure unfun, bleakness. It’s confusing plot, terrible dialogue, and torpid ending left a lot to be desired. When I left the movie, I knew that I had just seen the worst superhero movie to date. And yes, that includes 2003’s

But, I knew that their had to be something there. Right? I mean, the weird editing and killer plot holes had to be because of the editor condensing a much longer movie down to a consumable 151 minutes. This the arguably the two most iconic superheroes of all time You add in the feature live-action film debut of Wonder Woman and there is a recipe for a potentially great film.

So, where do we stand? Does the so called “Ultimate Edition” stand up to it’s time? The answer is a pretty simple one. If you enjoyed the movie the first go around this may be a treat you will want to experience. If you were one of the many who saw through the facade and didn’t have the great experience you wish you hoped - this movie will do nothing to change how you feel.

In my opinion, the additional 30 minutes this version adds to the movie doesn’t do enough to change my overall opinions on it. It’s nice to have a few scenes extended and fleshed out more. Yes, it’s nice to have the African plot involving Lois and Jimmy expanded to add more depth and additional information. I was happy to see Barbara Gordon’s scenes added back in. All of that is nice but still doesn’t help the core of what is wrong with the movie. At the core, the movie still suffers from the same bad editing, bad dialogue, and confusing plot that turned me off the first go around.

Oh, and Jesse Eisenberg. Ugh. You’re so much better than that!

Verdict: “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” Ultimate Edition fails to improve the overall movie going experience and only shines more light on a movie that was full of potential.

Grade: 2/5