'Central Intelligence' | The Rock & Kevin Hart Overcome A Repetitive Script To Deliver Summer Fun (Review)

Written By Ryan Hollen

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart team up in Central Intelligence - an action comedy film that has been hyped the last couple months as one of summers most anticipated new released. Both Johnson and Hart have a lot riding on the film, Hart needing to improve of his last film Ride Along 2 and Johnson needing to prove that he still the box office Viagra that he has become over the last few years. The first question that needs to be answer is – Is the film any good?

The short answer is, yes.  'Central Intelligence' isn’t going to win an Academy Award. It’s not going to show up in anybody’s top ten films of the year list. But as far as a middle-of-the-road summer film goes 'Central Intelligence' is pretty good. Johnson and Hart’s chemistry as an odd-ball pair of heroes is undeniable. The viewer can’t help but be overtaken by The Rock’s pure charisma. He continues to prove that he is a once-in-a-lifetime entertainer. The film also succeeds by changing up the roles that we have become accustom to. Kevin Hart gets a bad rap from critics for “always playing the same character” in a lot of films. Instead of sticking to the script that has made him a superstar, Hart allows Johnson to take the reins in the “goofball” department and instead plays it straight which helps create most of the comedy set pieces.

'Central Intelligence' tells a pretty familiar story. Kid gets bullied in high school. Kid decides to change his ways. Kid grows up to become a CIA special agent. Okay, so it’s a different take on an old cliché but it works. Johnson and Hart take a pretty average script and run with it the best they can. The twists and turns can be seen from a mile away but it’s okay because the viewer will have fun getting to those points with Johnson and Hart leading the way.

Amy Ryan and Danielle Nicolet are fine in their supporting roles. Though the film doesn’t give them much to work with their screen time isn’t wasted and I found myself wishing the ladies had more to do. At just a little over 100 minutes the film flew by and already crammed in a lot so the ladies small part is only a minor gripe.

'Central Intelligence' opened June 17th and is in theaters now. The film managed to finish second behind 'Finding Dory' and take in $35.5 million dollars in its opening weekend.

Grade: 3.3 / 5