'Ghostbusters' | Good Looks & Proof We Never Need To Call The Ghostbuster Again


Written By: R  yan Hollen

No movie has been more divisive than the remake of “Ghostbusters”. From the announcement of an all-female cast to the most disliked video in YouTube history (the film’s 1sr trailer), the remake of the 1984 classic has had a rough go of it. It’s been hard to garner a real grasp of film for the movie from a pretty terrible marketing campaign so was the film as bad as the general public expects it to be?

In a short answer - yes. It’s not as good as the original or even Ghostbusters 2 which many argue isn’t as good as the original. But that is a feat that would be impossible to accomplish, so take the originals away. This new Ghostbusters needs to be judged on its own as a stand alone film. Yet, even then it still has many problems that need to be acknowledged. This, at its core, is just a bad movie.

I never had a problem with the cast being all female, though I would have liked a mixed bag of both female and males. It’s smart to try to be different than the original because it strengths the fact that people will start to judge the movie on its own and not compare it to the 1984 version. The problem is the casting. Frankly, there are better actresses who could have filled these roles.

Melissa McCarthy has taken an Adam Sandler stance of playing Melissa McCarthy is every role she takes. Some people dig that while others, like myself, find the shtick a little boring. Saturday Night Live stars Leslie Jones and Kate McKinnon, who were the two most anticipated roles in the cast, both struggle to land on their feet. Leslie Jones is regulated to the “angry black” role while McKinnon seems to be acting in another movie completely. She is always, ALWAYS, going for the joke even in some of the more dramatic scenes. Whether it be terrible lines or awkward funny faces, even in the background of scenes, she just feels out of place.

The two MVP roles of the film go to Kristen Wiig and Chris Hemsworth. Wiig’s character is the only one with any depth or real emotion in the movie and she really holds strong, making sure that the film doesn’t derail any more than it already has. Hemsworth shows again that he is surprisingly funny. He delivered a performance that stole most of the movie. SNL star Cecily Strong and Andy Garcia also deliver is smaller roles.

The story is pretty simple and straight-forward, aligning our heros rather quickly without much development. Neil Casey plays Rowan North who is the film's main antagonist who wants to overrun New York with ghosts….because? It’s never really explained besides the stereotypical “people are mean”cliche. The film sports some neat cameos for a quick laugh and we get to hear the original Ghostbusters theme at one point for uber nostalgia feels. 

Overall, the film proved that we never really needed a remake though writer and director Paul Feig tried his hardest.

Verdict: The remake of “Ghostbusters” has stunning effects but focuses more on being pretty than an actual interesting plot or compelling characters.

Grade: 1.5/5