'The Legend of Tarzan' | Late to the Party (Review)

Written By Ryan Hollen

The Legend of Tarzan has been released domestically for a few weeks now but to be fair, I had no real interest in seeing the latest adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs’ novel. But fate would intervene when my roommate was anxious to view the movie and so I was drug along to a showing at our local theater. The theater was bare for a midday showing on a random Tuesday in Kent, Ohio. With my popcorn and drink in hand, I sat in agonizing pain for 110 minutes. Yes, this movie is pretty bad.

In the latest adaptation, Tarzan has already left Africa and settled with Jane in England. He has taken up his birth name of John Clayton II  and has left his past behind. The British Prime Minister offers Tarzan the chance to visit the Congo and report on its development. Tarzan declines but it's George Washington Williams (Samuel L. Jackson) who convinces Tarzan to go by telling him he feels the Congo people are being enslaved. Thus, our bleak adventure begins.

The cast of Alexander Skarsgård, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson, and Christoph Waltz are solid. They all deliver in their respective roles but even a cast as talented as this can't overcome a bland script and a runtime that is 20 minutes too long. It’s hard to get behind a Tarzan who doesn’t want to be Tarzan. The action is few and far between (the ending finale aside).

The visuals are pretty and director David Yates (The Harry Potter Franchise) works with what he is given but again, something just feels off about this, it’s like the world is screaming “Tarzan? Really? Another Tarzan movie?”

Verdict: A talented cast, a credible director, and beautiful visuals can't overcome a boring plot and a terrible script.

Grade: 2/5